Micro-Aggressions in Racial Trauma

An EMDR Approach

Course Summary

This is a crucial time in the lives of our clients of color. They are coming into our offices reporting increased amounts of stress, unexplained headaches, body aches and fatigue.
Due to our clients of colors of achievements they often are working and living in predominately non-white spaces.

Clients are reporting that they feel confused by some of the interactions with their co-workers and even with members of the communities they live in.

What our clients typically don’t have language or understanding of is that their brains are triggered and confused due to the micro-aggressions they are experiencing.

Because of this it is vital that we not only learn how micro-aggressions impact the brain but ways we can support our clients and treat the trauma related symptoms they are experiencing.

This training provides practical strategies as well as step by step protocol to use EMDR to treat micro-aggressions and racial trauma.
After implementing the strategies in this training your clients will be equipped to manage ongoing micro-aggressions and relief from past racial trauma instances.  

Course Curriculum

Brittany A Johnson

Brittany's course on racial trauma was immensely insightful. The format was easy to navigate and the worksheets were great value add. I'd recommend this training for any clinician seeking to increase their impact with clients of color. 

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Micro-Aggressions and Their Role in Racial Trauma

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