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Welcome to Brittany A Johnson and Company a training company for the experts. Here at Brittany and Company we are experts in Trauma, Anxiety and Self Sabotage. That includes trainings for therapist trained in EMDR, Somatic Processing etc. We offer trainings for therapist who work with people with anxiety. We also have trainings for individuals who are looking for self development, anxiety support and personal development and or self sabotage. 

Trauma is all around us. Regardless to our current status we have all encountered or experienced trauma in our lives and spaces.

At Brittany A Johnson & Co we want to be the place you come to continue to learn and grow on your healing journey. This space is curated for learning but more importantly for the self healing we all desire.

Hey There
Brittany A Johnson &Co was founded by Brittany A Johnson as a space for mental health providers to get the support, consultation and training they want and need. We believe that most practitioners are seeking advanced trainings on topics such as EMDR and for their overall client experience. Brittany begin her professional training career at her first job as a pharmacy technician training other workers. From there Brittany went on to doing other career things but then found herself developing 8 hour log trainings for staff at a mental health agency she worked for. The love for helping people help people has only grown and Brittany continues to train today. 

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